If you want to find out more about all things computers then read on.

Want to buy a new computer but don't know where to start? Check out our guide to all the latest developments in computer technology and see how you can get some great deals online. Also, see the main advantages/disadvantages of a computer over a laptop so that you make the right choice. For all you need to know about computers and associated technologies look no further than our guide.

  • What Is Spyware - Lifestyle Computer Guides

    Do want to know exactly what is spyware? Then read the Lifestyle computer guides for simple and basic information to help you understand more about your PC.

  • Tips To Prevent Computer Viruses : Lifestyle Guides

    Read our simple tips to preventing computer viruses on your PC! Quick and simple advice from our lifestyle guides, that everyone can use for a safer surfing experience.

  • Can Deleted Computer Files Be Saved?

    If something goes wrong, can deleted computer files be saved? Have I lost all my work or can I look for data recovery professionals to help?

  • Buying A New Computer Online : Shopping Guide

    If you want to go about buying a new computer online, then why not first check out our simple shopping guide as a way of making the first steps. Quick and easy to follow... make big savings.

  • Music & Computer Software Piracy : A Guide

    The illegal copying of DVD's and CD's is often called music or computer software piracy. Not physically harmful in it's own right, it can be when gangs use it as their route to getting cash and funding. How do you stop it?

  • General Information On Computers

    Search for computer products and services with our comprehensive guide to all things computer!

  • Computer Hardware

    Locate computer hardware at the lowest prices available. Read our online reviews on all the latest wireless and bluetooth products.

  • Computer Software

    Get great low prices on computer software, reviews and information on all the latest products.

  • Computer Products

    Read our reviews and get some great deals on all computer products including wireless keyboards and bluetooth mouse.

  • Computer Training Courses

    Improve your computer literacy by finding a computer training programme near to you. Read our guide and benefit from a course near you.

  • Computer Games And The Internet

    Immerse yourself in online computer games with our easy to follow guide. Find the best sites and competitions and pick up new games at low prices.

  • Computer Consoles Available Online In The UK

    Find out more about Xbox, Playstation and Gamecube from our guide to computer consoles. Get some great low price deals and read all the latest reviews.

  • Buying Computers Online

    Go online and buy your computer and make real savings. Check out our guide to online shopping.

  • Buying Computer Games Online

    Let us help you find the best computer games online and at the lowest prices.

  • How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

    Protect your computer from viruses and make sure your computer or laptop doesn't get infected

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      Network Management Software to ensure your employees are not spending all day surfing on Facebook, Pinterest or
    • The Wholesale Forums
      The UK's leading B2B networking & advice forum for buyers and suppliers.
    • Microsoft
      Whether it's Cloud servers, Cortana, Windows, Office 365, Word, Excel, Outlook, Zune, Lumia or tech support, their site is a great place to start - as they are the world's largest true tech company.
    • Verbatim Storage Solutions
      Providing a wide range of portable data storage solutions for the home and office. Our range includes CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, floppy disks, memory cards and external hard drives.
    • DataNumen Data Recovery
      Data recovery software and service for Microsoft Office files, email recovery, archives, backup files, databases, documents and image files. Also offers software development kit for developers.
    • DiskEng Data Recovery Services
      Hard Disk recovery and RAID data recovery service. Specialist data recovery company providing 24x7 EMERGENCY data recovery services for hard drive, backup tapes and all configurations of RAID5 servers
    • Planet PC
      Specialists in Digital Video, from Video Cameras, Monitors and Recorders to full Digital Video Editing Systems.
    • Byfarrthebest
      Computer repair company based in kent. Handling repairs, second user laptops and custom builds - we can do it all.
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